Partial discography

Le Muse Napolitane

Le Muse Napolitane - 9 moralistic-satirical eclogues by the writer Giambattista Basile, who often signed himself under the pseudonym Gian Alesio Abbattutis - represent the ideal literary background of the musical compositions contained in this CD.

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Filippo Trajetta – Un musicista italiano in America

Gaetano Simone with the "Modus String Quartet" quartet performs the three Concerted Quartets and three Marches of the son of the famous Bitonto opera player Tommaso Traetta. Chamber music.

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Alfonso Rendano Portrait

Classy pianist, solitary musician, stateless but never forgetful of his roots, capable of projecting himself into the limelight with pioneering exploits, but also ready to withdraw completely with proud escapes and prolonged absences from the scenes.

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